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Engaging with Talos Automation on a Statement of Work guarantees you your desired outcome.

Project Management

Managing a key project, the agreements, consultants, and the daily delivery requirements is a very time-consuming activity. On large programmes, sub-projects or non-core activities may also arise that would benefit from the appointment of a specialist team.

A typical solution to the above has been to engage individual contract workers, sometimes from a variety of contract agencies/houses. However, this requires a significant investment of management time, negotiation, and ongoing outcomes management. All of which can prove a distraction to the coordination, accuracy and timeliness of the project.

Absolute focus

Talos Automation minimises and can sometimes eliminate distractions through the provision of a project team/Statement of Work solution.

Our bespoke client solutions allow the outsourcing of project activities to a dedicated and scalable team of experts, who bring value to your projects from day one. This reduces the level of input required from our client’s core staff and distraction from their day to day accountabilities.

Subject Matter Experts

Under a project team/Statement of Work solution, Talos Automation consults with our client to understand project and resourcing requirement, objectives, deliverables and timelines.

Project documentation is then scoped, priced, and a team of experts or an individual consultant is appointed to manage and deliver the project activities. All activity is delivered against set criteria and transparent reporting is provided.

Bespoke agreement

All Talos Automation solutions are delivered under a Framework Services Agreement, with an individual Statement of Work schedule drafted for each project undertaken.

Typically, projects are delivered under an estimated fixed-price model with any deviations from the scope of work captured under a detailed variation document. However, different projects may require specific pricing mechanisms such as a rate card, a fixed fee, or on a transactional basis.

Benefits to you

By engaging a Talos Automation solution, you will benefit from a complementary and effective answer to the delivery of non-core project work. Through the provision of specifically appointed expert consultants, Talos Automation delivers services that are high quality, timely, cost effective and compliant.

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