Managed Programmes

With the intensifying competition for STEM talent, it is critical that companies adopt innovative strategies and solutions to identify, attract and retain permanent and contract staff. These solutions must enable greater flexibility and access to high-quality candidates, talent pool depth and reach, process compliance, and efficiency savings.

Each RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and MSP (Managed Service Programme) is designed to align with our clients’ specific challenges and objectives throughout the UK and internationally.

To achieve this, typical elements of these solutions include the selection of the preferred recruitment model (MV or NV), recruitment process design and management, tracking software, and the appointment of a dedicated client account team (including a potentially on-site single point of contact). In addition, the direct sourcing management (e.g. talent pool, website, advertising), supplier management, candidate screening and selection programme, contractor migration, induction and retention programme, management information reporting, and a timesheet portal, processing and consolidated invoicing option. All of the above serve to deliver the workforce that is required and manage it in a cost-effective, timely and compliant manner..

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