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Since the 1970s the use of robotics within the automotive industry has boomed.

Billions of dollars are spent to innovate technology which has resulted in Robots being an essential part of automotive manufacturing.

Talos has been involved in over 100 automotive projects since 2013, supplying additional engineers or managing entire project workforces with PLC and Robot Programmers. In 2017, we successfully managed our biggest project, compliantly supplying over 50 engineers to the US.


In 2014, we were approached to support an innovative project using robots for riveting the fuselage of an aircraft.

Our client had developed something completely new and needed Robot Programmers with the skills and experience they could not find locally. We worked with the client to plan the project, conduct interviews on site in the UK, and carefully select the resource required.

Automation within Aerospace continues to grow, and we have seen an increase in the requirement for PLC and Robot Programmers. In an industry which is extremely focused on safety, it’s essential to have experienced subcontractors.


The use of Automated Guided Vehicles in industrial applications is increasing.

Manufacturing and warehouse facilities are using these portable robots for round the clock, consistent delivery of their desired application. Talos Automation is working with several companies supplying AGVs with custom applications within Automotive, Aerospace, Life Science and Distribution.

Life Science

From PLC to DCS, Automation within the Life Science industry is an important part of manufacturing.

Strict regulatory guidelines and international competition are driving companies to optimise their plant production for cost-effective products. MES solutions bring innovation to the product lifecycle giving accessible real-time data when and where it is needed.

Material Handling

A wide range of applications is covered by material handling.

DCS and PLCs are used in a number of applications such as; airport baggage handling, manufacturing and bulk handling, warehousing and distribution, postal and parcel delivery. Material handling automation systems help companies to manufacture and ship products to the customer faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

Energy & Water

Automation is becoming increasingly more popular in the Energy industry and helps power plants and oil rigs deliver clean and stable energy. The types of Automation and Controls used include Distribution Control Systems (DCS), safety instrumentation systems and Programmable Logic Controls (PLC).

Instrumentation, control and automation are key technologies in water and wastewater systems. Many water systems are controlled and monitored by a grid of Programmable Logistic Controllers (PLCs). Different projects in the wastewater industry include wastewater treatment plants, irrigation water distribution, domestic water distribution.

Your requirements are unique and so are our solutions. We will carefully listen to your needs, and apply our resources to find you market leading professionals. Whatever your automation challenges, you’ll find the answer by partnering with Talos Automation.

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