Talos Automation was founded in 2013, when a contractor approached us asking for a compliant solution to work in Brazil for a US Company.

Since then we have supported over 40 different international clients and deployed over 600 contractors across Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

We specialise in the supply of PLC & Controls Engineers, Robot Programmers, Mechanical Design Engineers, Simulation Engineers, DCS Engineers, ICS Engineers and Project Managers.

Predominately supporting the Automotive industry, Talos Automation has supported Tesla, Ford, FCA, VW, BMW and Daimler projects with PLC and Robot Programmers who have the specific skills and experience to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Our aim is to make a difference by listening to our clients and offering a solution to their skillset deficit. We have a vast portfolio of automation professionals from all over the world whom we consult and onboard to ensure we are able to deliver personnel at any time for any project.

Talos Automation continues to invest in our resource and contractor base to support the new clients in Life Science, Energy, Water, Material Handling and FMCG industry.


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