Statement of Work

During a complex programme, sub-projects may arise that require the dedication of a specialist team. A common solution has been to engage individual contractors, sometimes from numerous recruitment agencies, but this requires co-ordination, individual cost negotiation, and drains management time.

Our expert STEM brands can remove these distractions through the provision of a bespoke Statement of Work (SOW) solution.

Our SOW solutions allow the outsourcing of complex project activities to a dedicated and scalable project team, removing the disruption from core staff. Under an SOW solution, our team consults to clarify the project requirement, objectives, deliverables, and timelines. Project documentation is scoped and a team of subject matter experts, or individual consultants, is appointed to deliver the project activities. An SOW solution comprises a B2B Framework Services Agreement with a concise SOW schedule for each project undertaken or consultant engaged thereafter.

Typically, our SOW solutions are delivered under an estimated fixed-price model with any deviations captured under a variation document. However, different projects may require pricing mechanisms such as rate cards, fixed fees, or even on a transactional basis.

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Proterra Case Study

Proterra needed a specialist partner who could provide specific, niche automation engineering resource, and be able to manage the team on site to achieve the project goals:

  • Enhance cycle times through efficient manufacturing processes
  • Minimize or eliminate necessary line changes
  • Achieve integration of the production line
  • Ensure alignment with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) dataflow requirements


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