Site Manager

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  • $70 to $80 per hour
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Site Manager – USA – $70-80 – 1-2 Years

Organising all site/location related activities in the context of large and complex automotive and other investment projects by providing leadership to all employees, subcontractors and suppliers on site, so that the allocated project/subproject is completed on time and correctly.


* Planning the processes on site within the allocated project in the project team of which he/she forms a part and the detailed description of which is set down in the plan of approach.
* Coordination of the project needs with the line organisation in company HQ.

Project finances

* Planning and managing the capacity, the costs and the budgets for the site activities for the project in relation to the agreed milestones and Objectives.
* Implementation of active risk and opportunities management with regard to site activities, in order to optimise results.

Monitoring and reporting

* Managing, directing and coordinating the processes on site within the allocated project/subproject in the project team of which he/she forms a part and the detailed description of which is set down in the plan of approach.

· Monitoring the quality of the input to and output of the site activities on the project, including the accompanying reporting, in which respect the emphasis is on the take-up of that delivered in terms of functionality.
· Initiating and implementing preventive and corrective measures within the project from the site perspective, as well as advising the management team on cross project improvement activities.

* Notifying the shipping party of receipt of goods.


* Responsibility for the organisation of all site activities.

Leadership (directly, approximately 5 Project Build Leaders/Build Leaders and Site Logistic Coordinators, indirectly approximately 100 employees on a project basis)

* Directing the employees and subcontractors/suppliers on site

* Ensuring compliance with the set client rules in areas such as health and safety and the environment.

Knowledge Is required of the:

* Engineering and organisation;

* Clear communication in English and German (written and spoken) and optionally other customer languages (for example Swedish, Spanish, Chinese).


* Authorisation to sign in accordance with procedure.

· Putting together the team for commissioning, optimisation and handover of the production lines.
· Taking decisions to resolve bottlenecks and to prevent unwanted developments.

* Setting priorities on the basis of the schedule (in consultation with project manager and customer).

Has responsibility for:

* Preparation of site work (site manual, planning, material containers, premises, rental vehicles, are there necessary infrastructure)


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