Why work with a recruiter?

Good question. These days, recruitment consultancies are seen as an essential part of the hiring process for many companies and candidates, but why is this? Put simply, the benefits being realised by businesses and applicants through using the services of a recruitment agency are manifold. Below, we explore how engaging with talent specialists can help businesses save time and money whilst securing the best candidates.

Market knowledge

Recruitment consultants within Talos specialise within niche sectors, meaning they are able to focus on just their specialist area, which gives them the opportunity to gain a real depth of understanding of their market. They are therefore highly knowledgeable and able to advise on numerous recruitment related areas, including current market trends, candidate motivators and availability, what your competitors are doing, and typical salary and benefits packages.

In summary, your recruitment consultant will do all your market research for you, and provide their advice on the best approach to market.

Proactive candidate sourcing

Beyond our market knowledge and understanding of candidate attraction, our recruitment consultants have established pools of pre-qualified and experienced candidates within their networks, who you would not have access to if you were relying on active candidates to apply. These pools have been built over many years and include those who may not be actively looking for new positions but would move for the right opportunity.

Our recruitment consultants will also proactively source candidates by searching job board databases, searching our internal database, networking and recommendations. This opens a whole new channel of talent that is not accessible by advertising alone.

Hard cost savings

By engaging with one of our recruiters, businesses can realise immediate cost savings. We have the ability to advertise on multiple job boards and social media platforms on your behalf, which can be costly if going direct.

For contingent services, where fees are charged only when we successfully fill the role, this mitigates the risk of investing money into hiring activities. According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC)’s ‘Perfect match: Making the right hire and the cost of getting it wrong’ report, a poor hire at mid-manager level, with a salary of £42,000 can cost a business more than £132,000. This is far greater than the cost of using a specialist recruiter, whose sole purpose is to ensure alignment of candidate and vacancy.

Saving time and effort

Recruitment is a time-consuming process, which requires focus on the detail to ensure its success. Our recruitment consultants reduce the administrative burden on your hiring team, and reduce the time-to-hire by:

  • Proactively sourcing and identifying the best matched candidates more efficiently
  • Helping write the job description to ensure inclusivity
  • Filtering out unsuitable/unqualified applicants, giving you a shortlist of pre-screened candidates
  • Using our industry knowledge to match suitable candidates more quickly and efficiently than a generalist recruiter
  • Managing the interview arrangement process, avoiding multiple calls/emails between you and each of the candidates to confirm interviews
  • Managing interview feedback – collecting feedback from each candidate, collating and then passing it on to you in one go, and passing your feedback back to the candidates
  • Managing the offer and negotiation process to ensure the candidate verbally accepts before you prepare the offer paperwork
  • Undertaking compliance and reference checking on your behalf, in line with your requirements

A shorter time-to-hire reduces the cost implications of having an open position. saving your staff time and enabling them to focus on their core tasks.

Broader perspectives

It is common to develop ‘blind spots’ when recruiting; it’s easiest to replace a candidate with someone similar, as you know this works. By engaging a recruiter, companies have access to a fresh perspective. Plus, your recruiter will know where to find the skillsets you require and how to identify transferable skills, which will open up additional pools of candidates. This helps drive diversity and inclusion, achieving a more diverse and successful team.

Further support

Whilst a recruiter’s focus is to engage with the talent you need, our consultants go beyond this to provide consultative advice and further guidance on areas such as:

  • The market perception of your brand
  • The efficiency of your recruitment process
  • The quality of your candidate experience
  • Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and presenting this consistently to the market as your Brand Ambassadors.

To find out how your business can benefit from partnering with Talos, contact us today via the button below, and one of our team will contact you to discuss your needs and present our tailored talent solutions.


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