The Talos 2024 Salary Survey goes live!

Pulled together from our own market research, specialist knowledge and the latest market intelligence software, our industry experts present the Talos Automation Salary Survey 2024.  

The report tells you everything you need to know right now about the state of play in the US Automation industry within the Material Handling and Automotive sectors. It provides a round-up of 2023’s trends and highlights, alongside our predictions for the industry throughout 2024. Covering key roles, we provide our salary survey results for those working across the Detroit and metropolitan area, San Francisco and Bay area, and the Carolinas, alongside top-level market insights.

In this report you’ll find:

  • Industry overview
  • Deep-dives into the US Material Handling and Automotive markets
  • Salary survey results across key roles and levels
  • Market insights
  • And more…

“We’re pleased to launch this year’s report, which includes reviews of 2023 for each sector and the overall industry, along with forecasts for 2024 and some fascinating market insights. The coming year looks promising, and we expect to see an increase in demand for both contractors and permanent staff. So get ahead of the curve now with our 2024 Salary Survey!”

Will Winfield – Operations Director, Talos Automation

What can I expect for my market this year? Will my role will be in demand? Should I expect to see an increase in remuneration for myself or my employees? All these questions, and more, are addressed in the report.


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