Tesla Motors to create over 1,000 jobs in Germany in next two years

Tesla Motors expects to create over 1,000 advanced engineering and skilled technician jobs in Germany in the next two years.

Tesla Motors has increased its output target to 500,000 cars per year by 2018. As a result, the automotive manufacturer is looking to expand its operation.

The first step in this process is in acquiring Grohmann Engineering, based in Prüm. Other locations in Germany are to follow.

Tesla are acquiring Grohmann Engineering in order to become the best manufacturer in the world, to help accelerate the world’s progress to a sustainable energy future.

Grohmann Engineering will become Tesla Grohmann Automation.

Tesla Grohmann Automation will design and produce several critical elements of Tesla’s manufacturing systems, in order to make Tesla factories the most advanced in the world.

The improved manufacturing systems will be designed to make improvements to the speed and quality of production, while reducing the production expenditure per vehicle.

The agreement is currently yet to be cleared by US and German regulators. The acquisition is hoped to be fully approved in early 2017.


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