Destination: USA!

Gary Cane, Vice President of Business Development with Talos Automation (part of the STR Group), is one of our most successful and longest-serving consultants, and he has dreamed of relocating to the USA for many years. With the opening of our US office in Troy, near Detroit, STR has facilitated and financially supported that dream.

In July 2022, Gary, wife Vicky and their 2 children flew out to Detroit for a fortnight’s ‘workation’ in Michigan. The family scouted out the area, potential schools and accommodation to ascertain the feasibility of their intended move. Then began the almost year-long L1 Visa process, finally completed last summer. Gary and family wasted no time in packing up and transferring their lives across the pond. We recently caught up with Gary to find out how they’re settling in.

Gary’s update

New beginnings

“Besides the sunshine and snow (which I love!), I live and breathe automotive manufacturing, and the chance to come to the epicentre of the auto industry was a huge motivator for me in moving to Detroit. Sun, snow and cars – life doesn’t get any better!

Michigan is a beautiful state; you’re never more than half an hour’s drive from a lake. In my opinion, Troy is one of the best places to live in the US and our office is at its centre. There’s great food, wonderful malls, and fantastic schools – it’s truly a little slice of heaven. Everyone is so lovely and friendly, and having an English accent draws a lot of attention. We relocated with four weeks left of the summer holidays before my kids went back to school. We spent our time exploring a tiny fraction of what this great State has to offer, never struggling for something to do. We could visit a new lake or attraction every day for a year and still have plenty of options.”

Looking to the future

“My main role out here for the business is to cement Talos Automation’s footprint in the automotive industry and expand the US arm of the business, and things have started off really well! I am on the road a lot and my contractors are becoming my friends and family. Apart from Vikki and the children, they’re all I’ve got over here, but they’re proving to be all I need. The Talos family is great and has welcomed me with open arms!

I believe the sky’s the limit for STR USA Inc. I’m here to be a driving force for the business in identifying new revenue streams, clients and industries in need of the tailored solutions we can provide.

My family and I are extremely excited for the next chapter of our lives. STR has enabled me to carve a better future for my family and career. Michigan is a beautiful state, and I’m so pleased to be representing Talos and STR out here.”

Advice for others

“The relocation process was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, and I’m grateful for the support of the business and particularly Emma Rees (STR’s Legal and Compliance Director), James Rolfe (our Group Financial Director) and Will Winfield (Executive Director of Talos), who helped guide and see me through it. The biggest challenge we faced was moving our pets out with us! It was more expensive than moving the family out, and we still had to drive 6 hours each way to collect them!

“For anyone considering a major move like this, I’d highlight how important it is to do your research. Take your time, don’t rush and include everyone when discussing the options for your future. Finally, don’t relocate with a large dog! It’s difficult to find a rental and the expat new-build communities here only take little dogs!”

Get in touch

Do you work for an automotive business in the US with hiring challenges? Are you a contractor or candidate looking for a new opportunity stateside? Reach out to Gary today to find out about our tailored staffing solutions or the opportunities currently available.


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