Musk hints at Tesla’s fully automated car coming soon

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, made several comments yesterday (August 5th) during a conference call about Tesla’s progress on Level 4 autonomous cars. Not giving too much away, and not wanting to make too revealing an announcement on a call, Musk made some exciting but somewhat vague comments, including…

“What we’ve got will blow people’s minds, it blows my mind …it’ll come sooner than people think.”

“It blows me away, the progress we are making.
And if it blows me away, it’s really going to blow away other people too when they see it for the first time.”

Musk has stated there will be a big event “maybe towards the end of the year” when it is expected he will make an announcement on the state of Tesla’s progress around fully automated driving.

Musk has already confirmed that the hardware for fully automated driving already exists and that the software is the part that needs to catch up, adding that the system will need to run on a “reasonably small computer that can fit in the car”.



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